It’s okay to just “want” a new home

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Couple looking at new home

We showed a home to some friends who are considering moving. As the crow flies, the house is only a few miles from where they now live. They have a fear that their current neighborhood, which is quite nice and on a lake, could start to lose value because of a number of renters and the general age of the community.

For the most part though, they’re only browsing. And that’s fine. This way, they’ll know what they want when it’s time. Maybe the one we showed them will be the one; tough to tell right now.

The best brokers (ahem!) prefer the soft sell because buying a home involves so many different decisions. Us being pushy or too aggressive solves nothing. It doesn’t help our clients and it makes us look transaction-oriented instead of solution-based. Anyway, anything from school districts to commute times factor in to the myriad of reasons people want to buy a new home. Our friends talked about a more kid-friendly neighborhood, wanting a place with a more suitable yard and in general, they seem to like the house we showed them.

And that’s fine, because sometimes, a buyer just wants a different home. Simple as that.

A bigger kitchen. Two-car garage. Smaller/larger lawn. Bonus room. Whatever the reason. Despite what all the stodgy financial planners and risk-averse relatives will have you believe, “wanting one” as legitimate a reason as any other to move. Think about all the time you spend in your home, how many memories will be created in it and how personally it reflects your lifestyle. With those things in mind, why settle?

The real estate bubble turned people away from the concept of self-satisfaction when it came to big ticket items like homes. (Absolutely, no one should spend just for the sake of spending.) However, it is in the most trying of times that we turn to the comforts of home for support. Today, houses are as affordable as they were 25 years ago. Interest rates are astonishingly low. It makes very sound financial sense right now to purchase.

You should ever dive into a home you can’t afford, no matter how much you want it. That’s just not smart. If you can afford to move and you want to, don’t feel you need to carve out specific reasons for it. Just start browsing.

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