Future of Cary’s downtown looks bright. And it begins with residential real estate

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A large crowd came together in Downtown Cary last week to hear plans about its redevelopment. The best news was that no one was there to contest the revitalization or occupy anything. People came to listen, be objective and offer feedback, which goes directly to the nature of why Cary has been such a great contributor to the makeup of the Triangle.

A number of business owners were on hand to be a part of the growth discussions and according to this article, expressed some concern about getting people to stay in Downtown once the city leaders’ vision materializes. Yes, that’s critical. And we believe it all starts with residential real estate.

Every great small town and urban, walkable community starts with its closest residents. For the storefronts to brighten and the sidewalks to bustle, a city needs people on the ground, dedicated to being full-time residents committed to long-term growth and a sense of identity. A person living in North Raleigh may stop by for lunch and a couple of gifts but their stake in the town ends when they get on I-40.

There are a number of great neighborhoods in and within walking distance of Downtown Cary and if you’ve ever had your eye on being part of this great Southern town, now’s the time. Cary has long been on the national radar as a great place to raise kids, find work and be active. Now the Triangle itself has taken notice and people are talking about lies ahead.

We can’t wait to see the outcome.

Photo from Cary Citizen.

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