Wake County has one of eight nominees for North Carolina Principal of the Year

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The Principal of Garner High School, Drew Cook, is a finalist for North Carolina’s Principal of the Year Award in the north central region, as reported by The News & Observer.

Unique to Cook’s story is his long-standing relationship with Garner High School, which he attended as a student 20 years ago. He then taught there after college and moved up the ranks to assistant principal, eventually being named to his current position three years ago.

We think this demonstrates the strong connections that a school can create with its students, especially here in Wake County, which consistently graduates some of the best students in the nation. School system success is a direct reflection of a region’s economic and cultural health. And like all school systems nationwide, Wake County is not immune to political struggles.┬áNevertheless, the community and its leaders always come together to find a way to put the students first. There is no better testament to this fact than the perpetual presence of Raleigh, Cary and Durham on so many “Best Places” lists.

Without stable school systems with longstanding histories of success, our presence on the national radar would be significantly diminished. Great weather would only get us so far.

Congratulations to Mr. Cook and good luck when the final selection is announced this spring.

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