Ever wonder the real monetary value of a teacher?

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We hold no secrets here about our feelings for the value of a good education, which starts with good teachers. The high number of quality schools is one of the reasons our family moved to North Carolina more than 20 years ago. And it remains true today for the thousands who continue to come to the Triangle and Wake County every year.

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristoff highlighted in this column a research study conducted by faculty members at Harvard and Columbia that shows, in financial terms, the impact a good teacher has on the future of a child. It’s an impressive figure, to be sure. The impact of a stable classroom influence goes well beyond the wallet though, branching into a child’s moral development, sense of self and leadership capabilities, among many qualities.

Take a minute to read the links posted here, and also browse the links on the side of the research study title page.

And then say “thanks” to a teacher you know.

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