Triangle To-Do: See Ira David Wood in “A Christmas Carol”

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Ira David Wood III in A Christmas Carol

Theatre in the Park’s “A Christmas Carol” is one of Raleigh’s most cherished holiday time traditions, now almost 40-years-old. Blending terrific acting, high-quality production and contemporary, topical jabs, this is a not-to-be-missed event for even those who don’t like stage performance.

This year, the play’s long-standing highlight is back: Ira David Wood III. To say he puts all of his energy into the Christmas curmudgeon would be an understatement. Captivating and very funny, Wood’s annual performance always leads to quick sell-outs. Last year, due to a heart condition, his son stepped in for him, and was also outstanding. (Wood’s daughter, Evan Rachel Wood, is a popular film actress in Hollywood.)

The play opens in Durham at the DPAC this weekend, December 3. It moves to Raleigh’s Progress Center for the Performing Arts the next week, December 8.

The best source for all information and tickets is on Theatre In The Park’s website.

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