Cary is the smartest city in North Carolina

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Downtown Cary, NC

We keep telling people … it’s a smart idea to relocate to Cary. And now we have actual proof.

In a report by American City Business Journals, which publishes the popular Business Journal series of regional newspapers, Cary was named the Tar Heel state’s most intelligent community, and the seventh most in the nation. Cary placed only a couple of spots behind cities like Cambridge, MA and Berkeley. Raleigh was second in North Carolina and was No. 23 nationally. Durham was No. 27.

Naturally, Cary’s prominence on the list is due in no small part to the solid core of academic centers that anchor the Triangle: NC State University, UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke. Beyond those, schools like Meredith and NC Central also attract students from around the country who come here to learn, realize the area’s amenities and job strength, and then stick around. Cary tends to pull in so many relocating families and new grads because of its abundance of affordable living options and attractive neighborhoods. It also offers proximity and easy commuting to so many professional working centers, like Research Triangle Park, Weston Professional Park and of course, the world-renowned SAS.

If you have any interest in learning about the living options available to you here in Cary, shoot us an e-mail at either address listed above. We are glad to help.

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