Don’t forget concept of “value” when considering new home purchase

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new home incentives and discounts

Certainly price is important. Mortgage rates also help a bunch. However, there is another very critical economic principle benefitting this market’s new home buyers: value.

What we mean is that new homes are offering a great deal more for your money than they did just a couple of years ago. Stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, a tile backsplash and a bonus room were not long ago costly upgrades that often put homebuyers on the sidelines when it came to buying new construction. Not so much today.

Developers throughout the Triangle now offer many of these features as standard components or at heavily discounted prices, often up to 50 percent. New homes are now coming with window treatments, high-end garage doors and covered patios. You may also see energy-efficient add-ons like tankless water heaters, computerized climate control systems and a number of other Energy Star-certified improvements.

Catches remain hidden in some of the discounts you see out there. For example, some of them require you to finance with the builder’s banking partner. Others may mandate you buy a particular model to qualify. We can help you see through the promotional fluff and land some of the best incentives and discounts out there.

It is important that when considering a home, new construction or not, that you try to look beyond the numbers on the cover. Knowing what you’re getting for your dollar is just as important as how many of them it’s going to take to buy the home.

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