Durham medical school opens career choices for high schoolers

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City of Medicine Academy photo from News & Observer

In the coming years, the American medical system will be taxed by a massive spike in the number of baby boomers reaching retirement age who will be seeking regular preventative care. The commercial real estate industry has noted that currently, our country has a tremendous shortage in the amount of medical facilities dedicated to outpatient care. In short, we’re going to need a great deal more professionals trained in medicine in the next decade.

Thankfully, a special school in Durham is already on the case.

The City of Medicine Academy is an off-shoot of the Durham Public School district that enrolls students in a dual high school-medical training program that focuses on field experience and increased attention to science and math. It just opened the doors on a new, 100,000 square foot building next to Durham Regional Hospital to house its 350 students. Enrollment is growing.

Students are selected via an application process and a lottery, which is common for charter and magnet schools. This kind of innovative education is one of the many reasons the Triangle area is so attractive to families from around the country. Providing an industry-specific training program that will encourage students to advance into local university medical programs is a terrific way to also advance our community. It demonstrates a tax-payer commitment to education.

Click here to learn more about the City of Medicine Academy in Durham.

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