Cary Arts Center officially opens. Downtown is on its way.

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One of the best things about the new Cary Arts Center, which officially opened this past weekend, is that it took advantage of a traditional town landmark. It didn’t take years seeking approvals to buy new land to create something unoriginal or uninspired. Instead, the center’s leaders and advocates smartly renovated, and in most cases left intact, a building that has already inspired and marks the center, physically and historically, of Cary’s inner village.

Cary will now become a Triangle hotbed for visual and performing arts education and enrichment. It was estimated that more than 4,000 people turned out for the opening events. Cary’s Downtown, long in history but short in reasons to visit, has seen a revitalization of sorts in the last few years. The Town has hired a consultant to help redesign the streetscapes to encourage additional growth and walkability. The Arts Center is considered a critical step in that process, as visitors will come for the performances and soon, stay for the food, drink and to patronize other businesses.

Here’s a slide show of photos from the Cary Arts Center opening weekend on the News & Observer website.

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