Mortgage rates to remain low for next two years

Posted on 08/12/11 1 Comment

Low rates will help home buyers

While the business world is buzzing over an erratic stock market, there has been some good news for homeowners in that the Fed will keep interest rates quite low for the next couple of years. As of now, the plan is maintain the benchmark rate as close to zero as possible.

This should help our industry remain active and may even lead to a boost because people will be able to make decisions with confidence. Not only that, those in the midst of looking for homes won’t feel pressured to make a decision. After all, finding the best home for you is what’s key, not just buying one because the rates are attractive.

Naturally, the Fed decided to hold rates because the economy has not grown as swiftly as predicted. Nevertheless, the home market remains in an outstanding position to help those looking to find their first home, a new home or just refinance.

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