VIDEO: off base with “Take Back the Dream” campaign

Posted on 08/05/11 No Comments recently launched an online video that does more to attack home buying than it does to promote their services. The attack itself though, is way off base.

The American Dream is still very much intact under the roof of home ownership. But that’s not the point. Detractors of owning always cite the financial aspects of living in a house, using only the last few years as their evidence. The American Dream—the aspects of it that include home ownership, anyway—was never about getting rich off of your house. It is and always has been about surrounding yourself with family, social stability and a comfortable lifestyle. Owning a home simply became a manifestation of that collective American desire. As it should be.

A house has countless benefits beyond any eventual financial return owners may reap from it. The long-term satisfaction of creating a home from a house has a litany of positive impacts on a family and over-time, houses become the literal and emotional framework around many of life’s most precious milestones.

And for what’s it worth, given today’s home prices and mortgage rates, a very nice home can be obtained for surprisingly less than what many apartments are marketed for today. Don’t be swayed by misdirection and aggressive counter-culture positioning. The American Dream is defined by you, not the way you choose to shelter your family.

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