Midtown Farmers Market is a North Hills must-do

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In the last few years, farmers markets have grown into somewhat trendy—and urban—experiences. Once the domain of rural farmers sans large growing contracts, they are now also the realm of small organic growers, health food advocates, artisans, bee keepers, local food stores and neighborhood bakers. In short, they are a great place to source local goods and services. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at Raleigh’s Midtown Farmers Market in North Hills.

Now in it’s fourth year and open between April and November each year, the Midtown Farmers Market sets up every Saturday in the paved enclave known as the Commons at North Hills, just inside the popular mixed use development.

The backers of this effort saw a need to bring a more local flavor to the growing Midtown district (so named for its position midway between Downtown and North Raleigh), which was fueled by the establishment of the shopping center and an refreshed residential area. While much smaller than the State Farmers Market just outside of the city, the Midtown market is also full of great, local food options (vendor list, PDF) and for a larger percentage of visitors, it’s a much more convenient visit.

The Midtown Farmers Market holds a live concert just about every week (here is the schedule as a PDF), as well as lifestyle workshops and food and product demonstrations. For residents of the North Hills community, there couldn’t be a better way to spend a Saturday morning: fresh coffee, healthy, local food and free, live music.

The Web site is linked above but be sure to check out their Facebook page as well. Just search for “North-Hills-Farmers-Market.”

We currently have a home listed within walking distance of the Midtown Farmers Market, at 708 Richmond Street. Midtown is also home to two urban parks, Shelley Lake and Cedar Hills, which boasts one of the areas most popular disc golf courses, in case you’re into that.

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