Triangle comes together after rare storm outbreak

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Tornado clean-up photo from Robert Willett of The News & Observer

It’s great to see a community come together, especially in the wake of a tragedy like the recent tornado outbreak here in North Carolina.

It’s quite rare for our region to see this kind of turbulent weather. We’re usually good for a small ice storm once a year and a few inches of snow that can foul up an adult’s daily plans while giving kids a reason to celebrate. Still, this is a climatically calm part of the country, which is why dealing with incidents like this are so difficult. We just don’t know how to react.

In time though, we end up turning to our good nature. Thankfully, that seems to be all a person can do. And it’s usually the best a person can do.

A large swath of the Triangle was affected by the storms, as were substantial portions of eastern North Carolina. However, the response to help is coming from places and people and organizations from all over the state. Sanford, just south of where we live, was hit hard. Cyclones of debris wound around neighborhoods and spun tree limbs in every direction. You probably saw what happened to the Lowes store.

The N&O reported that just in Raleigh, the storm system resulted in $115 million worth of damage and almost 2,300 homes were impacted, many needing major reconstruction efforts. That’s a large number of families suddenly faced with financial hardships, whether insured or not.

Yet, because we’re in the Triangle, the cavalry is on the way. Church groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, school sports teams, college students and in many case, just neighbors, are all out in force to tie back together this tight-knit community.

It’s neat to live in an area so often labeled as one of the best places to live in the country because of the home prices, weather and job market. But sometimes, we’re glad to live here for different reasons.

Here are a few stories of regional clean-up efforts.

Volunteers skip Easter celebration to help with clean up: News 14 Carolina.

Wake Forest football player, other students, help Sanford tornado victims: News 14 Carolina

It’s neighbors helping neighbors: The News & Observer

Tornado clean-up photo used here is from Robert Willett of The News & Observer.

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