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Downtown Cary, NC image courtesy of eatnc.comThe Town of Cary made a smart decision recently in the creation of a position that will advocate for the ongoing healthy business development of the town center. Ed Gawf was hired as a Downtown Czar of sorts, as worded by the Cary News.

The idea behind Gawf’s appointment is to create plans and hear ideas about how to create a more vibrant, consumer-friendly and highly pedestrian environment. Downtown Cary certainly has plenty of potential and already has attractive, “Southern small town” characteristics. However, there is also plenty of room for improvement.

Gawf’s presence in the Triangle is impressive. He has held and implemented similar plans in places like Boulder, CO, Palo Alto, CA and Scottsdale, Arizona, each considered some of the best places to live in the nation. Just like Cary.

Downtown Boulder’s brick-lined Pearl Street (pictured below) is an impressive site at just about any hour of any day, full of walkers, bikers, street acts, pets and patio bars. It is probably the most sought after living district in central Colorado. Maybe the entire state.

The Pearl Street Mall in Downtown BoulderDowntown Cary may not have the advantage of an in-town university like the University of Colorado at Boulder, but NC State is only down the road. Certainly Cary business owners could see the advantage in taking measures to attract students as residents and customers.

Still, Gawf is not looking that far for a model village, citing Apex’s Salem Street as a terrific vision for what Downtown Cary could become. The first step will be to attract businesses and perhaps create additional living options.

This is an effort that we will watch closely and continue to advocate for. Cary is a terrific place to live and thanks to leadership choices like this, we feel confident it will continue to be one of North Carolina’s most popular cities.

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