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Duke-Carolina Rivalry

Oh man, it’s Duke/Carolina week. Or is it Carolina/Duke week? And even with that first sentence we probably incited a debate.

It’s a rivalry full of history and born of contention that can make even the most flaccid fan tune in to Wednesday night’s hustle on the hardwood over at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Or, as Carolina fans have so recently deemed it: Hansbrough Indoor Stadium. (That one hurts.)

If you haven’t lived here long or are giving the Triangle some thought, rest assured you’ll be surprised at the behavior of some of your neighbors and co-workers come game day. Display or don yourself in any hue even remotely reminiscent of either team, regardless of how unintentional your fanship, and get ready to hear about it.

Ever year, the rivalry grows only more historic because it contributes one more complaint about officiating, missed free throws or a toe-on-the-three-point-line excuse for fans to lob in each other’s direction when arguing about the rivalry 25 years from now.

But hey, that’s what makes us fans.

What’s so great about the passion for college basketball here is that it makes days of big games feel like a holiday. There is an undercurrent of anticipation flowing through workplaces and in e-mail chains amongst friends. People want to know what you’re doing for the game. Ale House? Tap Room? Your living room couch? It’s great fun.

Even though tip off isn’t until 9:00 p.m., you will see some cubicles empty early and phone calls not returned until early Thursday afternoon. Maybe.

Duke is the favorite this year but Carolina is surging. Truthfully though, neither record matters when two teams so well coached and so flush with talent square off in the ACC. It’s a fun time of year to be on Tobacco Road. And if you happen to be the only one driving on it tomorrow night, you’ll know why.

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