Cary is home to America’s Best Place to Work

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SAS signage

Cary has a lot of things going for it. It shows up on a number of national “Best Places” lists, has countless terrific lifestyle options and remains home to the Best Place in America to Work, SAS.

Home grown in the Triangle, SAS is the world’s largest privately held software company and has become renowned for its ability to attract and retain serious technical talent. The bottom line is that its founder, Jim Goodnight, understood from the beginning that a successful company requires dedicated employees. So he fostered a work environment that embraced the fact that “work” is not the only thing. People have children to raise, doctors to visit and lives to lead. Why not pull all that together?

A few decades later, Cary is now home to the incredible SAS campus, a wooded, water-featured testament to the importance of employee morale. It has sports fields, child care options, running trails, medical offices, open outdoor space, a solar energy array grazed by sheep and a 66,000 square foot gymnasium.

An article on explains that normal turnover in the software industry is 22 percent. At SAS, it’s just over two percent.

Here’s some video from the story.

It should come as no surprise that SAS was able to grow as it has in Cary. The area itself does a great job attracting the type of employees the company seeks. The local universities, each one world class, pumps an outstanding talent pool into the local job marketplace. In general, our area is often compared to Silicon Valley, so naturally workers from the West Coast would gravitate here when seeking a change. Winding up at SAS is hard to resist.

Of course, it’s reputation doesn’t make SAS the easiest place at which to land a job. From a business perspective though, that’s a good thing. Thus, it makes Mr. Goodnight one heckuva smart business person.

In this post-recession age of lingering anger toward “big business” and all things Wall Street, it’s good to know that the best company in the country to work for (SAS has been on Fortune’s list for 14 years) is literally a few miles down the street from where we live.

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