Wake County to expect 60,000 by 2020

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Wake County School System
Apex is going to eventually be home to two more great Wake County Schools. Probably before 2020.

The county recently signed a contract to purchase 108 acres off of Humie Olive Road that will be held for the future development of another high school and middle school. That’s the plan as of now, anyway.

The last 20 years has seen impressive growth in the area. For the most part, the growing pains have been handled very well by the surrounding municipalities. There are always issues with school system governance, there is no hiding that. But show us a system where there isn’t conflict? Moreover, one that continues to perform at as a high a level as Wake County.

You would have look for quite a while.
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In truth, as many people move to Cary and Apex for the quality of education as they do the weather and affordable housing. And now with Apex on the move again, we can expect to see continued  population growth, and of course, an expansion of the Apex footprint.

Naturally, a lot can change between now and when its time to break ground but there is little doubt the need will be there. Even during the recession, our region continue to attract new residents.  The county expects another 60,000 students by 2020. That’s almost 6,700 kids per year.

Wake County had its eye on the land in 2007 when prices were at their peak. It was advised to stand down, however. A smart move. The contract signed the other day was for almost half of what the 2007 contract listed. Ultimately, the county benefited from a lack of comparable land deals over the last few years. The lack of commercial lending parched land sales.

All that being said, we’re excited to see the future of Apex continue to form in front of us. Things have changed quickly, that’s for sure. And of course, we hope to help all the new families find their homes. (Hint, hint.)

The Cary News has more details.

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