Cary girl shows how much the Triangle loves hockey

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Meghan Grieves of Culver Academy

It was bound to happen. But who would have thought it would be a girl?

Since the arrival of the Carolina Hurricanes in the Triangle, hockey fever has gripped our southern community like a relentless flu. Tailgating is commonplace outside the RBC Center during home games and the franchise even started the now league-wide trend of rink-side cheerleaders.

A couple of recent trips to the Stanley Cup finals, one of which brought the Cup home to the Triangle, further strengthened the team’s hold on our community.

Thus, it was only a matter of time before the tremendous collection of young area athletes started to adopt hockey. And now, a girl from Cary agreed to a scholarship to Boston College, where she’ll play in the Big East conference for the school’s womens hockey team.

According to the Cary News, Meghan Grieves, who is from Wake County but now lives in Indiana and attends Culver Academy, was also the first girl to play on the Junior Hurricanes’ boys team. She is now 16 and leads her team in goals and points. Culver’s Web site shows that its varsity girls hockey team has sent 49 players to college teams since its inception in 1998.

This is not only a great story for Ms. Grieves, who will be attending a perennial hockey power, but it’s great news for the Triangle as well. Our area is a national recruiting hotbed for a number of major sports and is known worldwide as Tobacco Road because of its basketball tradition.

With Meghan’s connection to the area and the growing popularity of hockey, how long before a couple of high schools create hockey teams, or at least club programs, that develop southern-bred hockey talent?

Obviously, our area will never become as fertile a hockey recruiting ground as Michigan, Minnesota and other areas of the upper Midwest. However, maybe one or two a year kids a year will become targets. It’s certainly very cool to think about.

So congrats to Meghan Grieves from Cary and let’s hope for more just like her.

Image is from The Cary News, Courtesy of Trudi M. Smith

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