Sparians Bowling Boutique & Bistro opens December 13 in North Hills.

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For us, the holidays mean family. And like most families, we’re always looking for things to do together. Trivial Pursuit gets old after a while. (Seriously, how many editions does that game need to stay relevant?) Anyway, here’s a better idea: upscale bowling at Sparians Bowling Boutique and Bistro.

Wait, upscale bowling? We know, it sounds like an oxymoron. Hear us out.

For many, the smoky, dreary insides of a bowling alley are part of the appeal. Like the horse track or old-school Vegas casinos, bowling alleys harbor that somewhat seedy atmosphere coated in the musk of old rental shoes and lower-shelf liquor left to harden in sticky rings on chipped tables. Together with a greasy pizza and a few longnecks, a night at the lanes can be a heckuva a lot of fun. We’re all for it.

Let’s just say this…you need to visit Sparians.

Set to open on Monday, December 13, this place is the Venetian of bowling alleys. Located in North Hills, on the east side, Sparians combines an elaborate bowling atmosphere with high-end dining options, a lengthy, leather-furnished bar and enough wide screen televisions to rival any of the area sports bars.

Come the warmer months, the bowling lanes will open to a sidewalk patio complete with furniture, awnings and drink and food service. Passed the bar, next to the fireplace, are Playstation and Wii gaming stations for the kids (and adults, of course). Beyond that is a private bowling suite with six lanes and enough space to seat 300 people. It can also be sectioned off to host smaller gatherings. And, they have a “VIP” entrance from the attached under ground parking garage. (In planning the facility, owners of a similar business in Charlotte advised them that Michael Jordan, for example, doesn’t like having to come in through the main entrance.)

See a photo gallery on Sparians Web site.

Even with all the glitz and Vegas-appeal, Sparians is great for families. As odd it sounds, this bowling alley is poised to become a very popular Raleigh-area nightspot. When you visit, you’ll know why. Check it out if you get the chance.

Maybe we’ll see you there.

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