North Carolina is cracking down on shady moving companies

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Always use a reputable moving company when relocating

Thankfully, North Carolina is trying to crack down on unscrupulous movers.

The efforts in response to a long-standing tactic of moving companies that promise one price upon loading and then demand another when its time to move in.

Sounds easy to fight, right? Just show them the written estimate and that should clear up the misunderstanding. Well, that doesn’t matter to them, because they have all of your belongings on a locked truck. And they have the key.

While this may sound like a scam from a Martin Scorsese movie, it’s not. It happens around the country quite often. In North Carolina, the Utilities Commission, which governs moving companies, has taken action to demand that all moving companies submit paperwork authenticating the professional backgrounds (primarily relative to criminal backgrounds) of their owners and executives. Doing the same for employees is the responsibility of the companies.

Currently, two deadlines have passed for many North Carolina companies to submit their authorizations to the state. As a result, a reprieve has been granted in the midst of additional meetings to discuss why the deadlines have not been met. Some movers see it as a violation of privacy and another example of nosy government. More upstanding companies simply believe it’s not a big deal if you have nothing to hide.

According to the N&O, a moving company CEO in Apex, who grew tired of stories of criminal movers giving his industry a black eye, suggested the process. While the state tries to monitor the moving industry, as many states do, they can’t stay on top of companies that don’t register with the state or set up operations online or via local signage along street corners.

For anyone who has suffered through this, it’s a nightmare. Literally, aggressive moving company employees will demand more money in exchange for dropping off your furniture, electronics and family heirlooms. Quite literally, your possessions become hostage. Many firms practicing such tactics will refer to documents and fine print that shows reasoning for the extra amount underscored by a signature that looks like yours, or maybe it is yours, only scanned and placed or even hand-forged. Many people have reported never even seeing the documents with which they’re presented. It’s an extremely frustrating thing to have happen to your family, especially when dealing with all the great things about a new home.

We have been in the industry long enough to know who can help you move and we would be glad to mention some names. It’s always best to dive deep into the paperwork, read all the lines and also check out the Moving 101 – A Consumer’s Guide, on the Web site of the State Utilities Commission.

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