The Carolina Hurricanes are underway with pre-season.

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Chad LaRose of the Hurricanes

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It’s hard to believe that it’s 90 degrees outside, college football is really just getting started and over at the RBC Center, the ‘Canes have taken the ice.

Well, that’s professional hockey in the south for you.

The Carolina Hurricanes opened pre-season play Tuesday night by losing to the Florida Panthers here in Raleigh 4-1. No big deal, really, as the Canes are warming up some new young talent and again, it’s only pre-season.

Ultimately, we’re a soccer family (The Carolina Railhawks are headed to the playoffs, btw) but Hurricanes games can be a seriously good time, especially when they make the post-season. True hockey fans always say it takes the spirit of playoff hockey to win over non-believers; and if you have ever been in the RBC Center during a heated playoff match-up, then you know what they’re talking about. Without question, it is one of the best sports experiences offered here in the Triangle.

Hockey season can certainly wear on some fans after a while, as it is quite long and if your team isn’t doing well, it can be tough to hold your attention for that many months. Still, the Hurricanes have a habit of making the most of it, with a history of late-season runs and astounding last minute comebacks that couldn’t keep even the most prolific non-fan from jumping out of their chair. The Stanley Cup in Raleigh certainly helped win over a number of residents as well.

Anyway, we hope you have a chance to catch some games and keep up with what the Canes are going to do this year, especially with Eric Staal’s younger brother, Jared, now wearing the black & red. Hopefully he can provide some goal support and help get things going early.

The Canes play again tonight in Nashville.

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