Celebrate the opening of Hillsborough Street this weekend

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Logo for Live It Up on Hillsborough Street Celebration
In the last several years, Downtown Raleigh has seriously upped its image as a hip national metro.

(Yes, we used the words “hip national metro.”)


Primarily, we can credit a collective of civic and business organizations that have gathered public support and rallied city leadership to empower massive undertakings like the revitalization of Fayetteville Street, the construction of the new Raleigh Convention Center and a host of other commercial construction and enrichment efforts.

Well, the latest of such efforts, the renovation of Hillsborough Street, has been completed and is ready to celebrate it’s opening this weekend with what promises to be a seriously huge party.

Check it out, it’s called the Live It Up! on Hillsborough Street Celebration, and its this Saturday, 9/25, from 1:00 to 10:00 p.m.

Hillsborough is the main drag from West Raleigh into Downtown and is known primarily as the center of all things NC State. Long lacking in college town appeal, the street’s make-over has done wonders for the great Inside the Beltline neighborhoods that border it, and of course the kids attending the university. The traffic circles are attractive and easy to navigate and the bike lanes, after some debate, are an excellent addition to the city.

Anyway, back to the party. It’s going to include a bunch of bands on multiple stages, kids zones, cooking competitions, a farmer’s market and all kinds of multi-cultural dances and art displays. And, it’s also going to host a seminar throughout the day on sustainable living, eco-communities and alternative-fuel vehicles. Cool, right?

Oh, and for you football fans, they’ll be showing the NC State vs. Georgia Tech game on an 8’ LED screen. (CREE is sponsoring the event.)

Hope to see you there.

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