Downtown Cary Turnaround Team Rolls Out Text Message Alert Service

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Living in Downtown Cary, NCNeed another reason to consider moving to Downtown Cary? Okay, here ya go:

A new text message-based neighborhood communications program is being rolled out by a group of town advocates to help keep residents in the know about everything from upcoming events to local emergencies. It uses a service called Nixle that enables administrators to instantly alert subscribers to what’s happening.

Alerts can be sent out specifically by neighborhood to either a cell phone or e-mail account. However, it’s probably most effective when sent to a phone, as text messaging has become a ubiquitous form of rapid communication and speaks best to the nature of the service.

The effort is being run by an organized group of citizens called Downtown Turnaround, whose efforts are focused on the preservation and continued growth of Cary’s urban center, a mix of traditional and new storefronts and offices.

In an effort to keep from flooding subscribers, the system will be used primarily for localized emergencies, like missing children, sudden, large scale traffic concerns and other issues of public safety.

The fact that the program was conceptualized and put in place by citizens of Cary demonstrates a true commitment to community. And that’s sounds to us like a nice place to live, doesn’t it?

Read more about it in the Cary News.

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