Relax. You Live in the Triangle.

Posted on 09/07/10 No Comments

Living in the Triangle can help you chill out, according to a recent survey that named Raleigh #47 on a list of the Top 50 most stressful large metros. To clarify, #1 is the most stressful, whereas #50, Salt Lake City in this case, is the most relaxing place to reside.

The survey, published on, considered things like a city’s housing market, unemployment situation, income growth, violent crime rate, air quality and a number of other social and demographic statistics to arrive at its findings. Detroit, Los Angeles and Cleveland are considered the top three most stressful locales, in that order. (Man, no wonder everyone seems to lose it when they move to Hollywood.)

We can’t help but think that the weather and an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities contribute to our standing on that list as well. It’s no secret that exercise helps cut stress and we would be shocked to hear anyone complain about the weather, especially during this past Labor Day weekend. Wow, was it nice. And with fall on the way, it’s only going to get better.

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